Ship Rock
Anasazi Moon

Ship Rock
Winner, Landscape Category, 9th Annual Photo Contest, New Mexico Magazine, 2010

2nd Place, Scenic Class, Professional Category, New Mexico State Fair, 2009

Juried Entry, 1st Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show, 2009

Anasazi Moon
Member's Choice, 1st Place Landscapes
ELCC Annual Banquet, June, 2008

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March, April, and May - We can shoot both Bisti and ancient Anasazi's Cedar Mesa!

September, October, early November - We can shoot Bisti, ancient Anasazi's Cedar Mesa, and White Pocket, Arizona's Northern Strip!

We suggest tent camping at White Pocket - Magic Hour shooting is best with Full Range HDR...

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Accomodations Anasazi Adventure Tours will stay in Blanding, Utah.

Past Bisti Tours have stayed at Region Inn, Farmington (restaurant, bed and breakfast)

White Pocket Tours will camp @ White Pocket, Arizona.

Adventure Tour Fees*

Educator and Fees are $200/day/Photograhper + Expenses.

Client responsible for personal transportation, room, and food.

$250 is due on signup.
Remainder is DUE 60 days before your chosen Tour date!

Contact Joe to arrange details.

Minimum Requirement*
5 Photographers are required for an Adventure Digital Tour.
Contact Joe to Learn if Tour has Open Slots...

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Chopawamsic LLC

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Chopawamsic LLC
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Albuquerque, NM, 87111.

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