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Shadows, shapes, and silhouettes – just some of the Bisti’s charming, yet subtle hoodoo effects which create vivid off-world surreal aspects.

In such a fantasy, evocative photos tease alliterative sibilance from a reminiscent mind.  Its like Alice in Wonderland – one simply walks around, sees such amazing features, takes enchanting pictures, and is transported to fantasy land.  Then, words seem to tumble over one another – trying to encapsulate each photo in transcendent memories and provocative prose.

Let us describe just some provocative contents from our eBook…


Water Woman

© Joe Bridwell

Olla on her shoulder, an Anasazi woman brings water to her family...

Hidden in a nook, this Bisti hoodoo cap reminds me of an Olla.  The softer, crumbling tower base resembles a woman in a cape.  She carefully wound her way along a canyon, heading home.

The image was captured as the sun rose above the low hill at my back.  Dramatic interplay of complicated shadows was a delightful cacophony of

light and dark...


10-22-06 0840

Nikon D70 - raw

1/90 f/8 iso 200 24-120 @ 66 mm manual tripod


Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4

Water Woman has received several improvements from Lightroom.  A manually captured raw file, it needed sharpening, color adjustment, and contrast enhancements.  Using local adjustment tools, we lightened the statute’s base with a graduated filter. We then slightly saturated the sky with a darker filter. 

The Red Dog Hill behind was masked with local adjustment brush, red hues deepened, then saturation, clarity, sharpness, and exposure were varied for a nearly complete image.  A final channel mixer action in Photoshop CS4 created a Velvia effect – saturated colors - strengthening impact!

We forego more detailed capture and image processing descriptions in remaining images –

they appear on the full eBook CD.


Seven’s Silhouette

© Joe Bridwell

Simple elements – shape, sun, and shadow…

Standing beneath a surreal hoodoo, late afternoon sun wonderfully highlights a unique shape.  For want of better inspiration, I call this hoodoo Seven’s Silhouette – it appears as an inverted seven.

But it’s the range of light and shadow which gives such distinctive Bisti charm.  The hidden sun seems to stress a highly provocative hoodoo.


Thor’s Hammer

© Joe Bridwell

A towering, castellated rampart rises along Moonrise Ridge...

But, it’s the remarkable shadow cast by an adjacent rampart which creates this superb drama.  Taken separately, neither of these two scenes would present quite the same challenge.  Yet, chance combination, shot near sunset, provides a captivating mecca – and a home for wonderful digital photography…


Shadow Abstract

© Joe Bridwell

Tramping along a hidden canyon near sunset, I happened on this simplistic scene containing several subtle and direct fine art elements.  A hoodoo fin underlies several accents – a marvelous scarab atop a simple balustrade, underscored by a subtle shadow.  I wondered, “Did the Anasazi consider such a mysterious facet a sign from their God’s in ancient religious ceremonies?”

. . .


Client Tour Request

A client wrote me a recent letter about leading another photography tour to the Bisti. "Four years ago in July I spent a day hiking in the Bisti wilderness.  I'd learned very little about the area before I went.  I loved every minute of it, but I really didn't know where I was going or what to look for.  I doubt I saw more than 5% of the 'neat stuff'."


After searching 2004-2009 images to assemble a fascinating Bisti collage of ‘neat stuff’, I created an eBook. Beyond evoking sharply cogent memories, I collected some 40 Best of Bisti photos. 

With each image there are multiple aspects of fine art.  Capturing the photo takes timing, the right light, and photographic skill.  Developing colors requires Photoshop CS4 processing skill and an awareness of visual subtlety.  Describing the off-world, surrealistic, or enchanting aspect of each hoodoo uses an visually associative mind with deep reading and writing skills.  Then, describing the camera techniques (available in the eBook) completes each fascinating capture,  description, and final image.

This visual Bisti history contains several fine art categories; Ancient Forests, Nature, Landscapes, Magic Hour, Shadows, Shapes, and Textures. 


Bisti Badlands – An Off-World Planet

Exotic hoodoos from Bisti Badlands, 35 miles from Farmington, in nw New Mexico, bring tourists and award-winning photographers from all over our planet.  The Bisti is a hidden jewel inset in ancient, surrealistic Anasazi country - truly a photographer's most amazing off-world digital adventure.  Every 5th Bisti trekker is international.

Advanced photographers will love lighting and compositional challenges of the Bisti!  Magic Hour is a spectacular time around dawn and dusk!  The Bisti's enchanting light softens and enhances a photographer's deepest delight.


Tour Guide

Your Tour Leader, Joe Bridwell, is an award-winning photographer, blogger, tour guide, educator, geologist, ancient Anasazi and natural history buff, and StoryTeller.  He has led several groups into the Bisti since 2005; including Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico and Albuquerque's Enchanted Lens Camera Club. Joe also teaches wilderness travel workflow using Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4. 

He has photographed the Bisti many times, so knows it quite well.


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