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Best of Bisti, Bisti, Bisti Badlands, Bisti Wilderness, hoodoo, slideshow These photos preview our many amazing Bisti photos on CD.


Client Tour Request

A client wrote me a recent letter about leading another photography tour to the Bisti. "Four years ago in July I spent a day hiking in the Bisti wilderness.  I'd learned very little about the area before I went.  I loved every minute of it, but I really didn't know where I was going or what to look for.  I doubt I saw more than 5% of the 'neat stuff'."


I searched 2004-2009 images to assemble a fascinating Bisti collage.  Beyond evoking sharply cogent memories, I collected some 40 Best of Bisti images.  This visual Bisti history contains several fine art categories; Ancient Forests, Horses, Landscapes, Magic Hour, Shadows, Shapes, and Textures. 


Bisti Badlands – An Off-World Planet

Exotic hoodoos from Bisti Badlands, 35 miles from Farmington, in nw New Mexico, bring tourists and award-winning photographers from all over our planet.  The Bisti is a hidden jewel inset in ancient, surrealistic Anasazi country - truly a photographer's most amazing off-world digital adventure.  Every 5th Bisti trekker is international.


Advanced photographers will love lighting and compositional challenges at Moonrise Ridge!  Magic Hour is a spectacular time around dawn and dusk!  The Bisti's enchanting light softens and enhances a photographer's deepest delight.

Best of Bisti, Moonrise Ridge, Bisti, Bisti Badlands, Bisti Wilderness, hoodoo, pano, panorama

Moonrise Ridge


Tour Guide

Your Tour Leader, Joe Bridwell, is an award-winning photographer, blogger, tour guide, educator, geologist, ancient Anasazi and natural history buff, and StoryTeller.  He has led several groups into the Bisti since 2005; including Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico and Albuquerque's Enchanted Lens Camera Club. Joe also teaches wilderness travel workflow using Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4. 

He has photographed the Bisti many times, so knows it quite well.


Best of Bisti Slideshow Available on CD

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These are just 2 of our 40 or so titled Bisti Best images on the CD…


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