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You’ve just come down from an exhilarating overland flight to Ship Rock and Broken Bow Arch using real terrain in Google Earth’s Tours. You’re still reeling from wonders of flying down into a canyon like you were hiking a wilderness photo trek. You’ve seen an invigorating ‘new nature photographer’s technology’.  Now, you want to know how to make your very own real terrain tour videos.

Tingling with anticipation, you ask, “What could both compete with that wonder then add to my creative viewpoint on nature photography?”


Magic Arc

Creating Fine Art Magic (CFAM) teaches you different unique Magic Arc’s to blend several techniques into your photographer’s creative vision.

You want to capture those illusive Magic Hour times in uncharted wilderness. Magic Hour is that time around dawn and dusk when scenes are breathtaking and the light is right. 

You want to lead others to these mecca’s of art. They want to learn how to compose and capture Full Range HDR (FRHDR). You help them with logistics of nature photography workflow in the wilds. You help them learn to tone map with Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 tips and tricks in Workshops.  They go on to their own unique creative vision and professional photographers rewards.


Tip of Your Creative Iceberg

To become a Master at creating fine art images, you must climb several steep knowledge bases: gear, logistics, navigation, capture, tone mapping, and competitive presentation.  Each topic has its own learning curve; each has its distinct rewards.  You start with the simple, then master the complex.  It’s that multi-faceted process which ultimately places you atop your unique professional photography peak.  We call this process – Creating Fine Art Magic!

We provide Anasazi Adventure Tours to take you to those places where ancient Anasazi first enjoyed dramatic, sweeping beauty of Four Corners of southwestern United States. Our Tour name springs from reading about, walking among, and shooting magnificent, indelible Red Rock country where ancient Anasazi roamed

We show wilderness workflows for successful capture of Full Range HDR (high dynamic range) images to include all contrast of each scene.  We present FRHDR in two parts:  Photomatix and Lightroom3/PhotoshopCS4.

Lightroom 3 and CS5 are our ‘goto’ tools for skillful masking of subtle contrasts in Tone Mapping nature’s beauty.


Tour Guide and Tone Mapping Savant

Dr. Joe Bridwell grew up in west Texas – flat, hot, dry, and brown.  But he always loved the mountains – lush, green, and of sharp Magic Hour contrast.  Graduate school and several jobs in research and industry kept leading him back to nature. He modeled nonlinear finite elements, prospected for oil in deformed thrust belts, and predicted environmental clean up.

Each of these interests faced challenges such as the Magic Arc.  He just did not realize he was creating internal tools which would result in Fine Art Magic.


Digital Photography – 2004-2010

Competitive Fine Art – 2007-2010

Photoshop – 2006-2010

Anasazi Culture – 2006-2010


Each challenging direction required mastering complex processes – getting into his new, exciting creative side while using scientific training to ‘climb atop each new technology’.  Ultimately, he would realize - those wilds and natural scenes he loved so deeply were also dramatic environs ancient Anasazi crisscrossed for a thousand years.  He began to love their sense of peace, beauty, solitude, and grandeur. The Anasazi left us so many rich aspects of their heritage – magnificent or hidden ruins amidst amazing Four Corners splendor. 

Ship Rock expresses his Creative Fine Art vision!


You can access Dr. Bridwell’s Vitae


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